Be the cool Bride with these latest jewellery ideas

Fitting in is boring and you have always been the rebellious soul. Then why will you ditch your personality on your wedding day? Especially when it’s all about you. Your wedding day is not just an event. It’s an extension of your choices and personality that you will cherish for years to come. Bored with the current trends and choices? Change them.

We have collected a list of jewellery you can choose from for your wedding day if you are the classy and sassy bride for the season.

1. One nose ring to rule them all

Nose jewellery is a complicated game. You have to take care of the shape of your face and also co-ordinate it with rest of the jewellery and attire. Here’s a tip, ditch the nath and opt for a nose ring. You can choose a tiny nose ring in gold or diamond with a sleek strand. It’s sleek and elegant.

2. Add a bright neon color

Gold is old now. So is silver. We are not saying these two are not good but they are common. Here’s an idea. Choose a pastel attire and pop it up with the brightest possible jewellery. You can choose neon pink, green, the sunshine yellow, or the favorite red. We would suggest to reserve this look for a day function.

3. Cocktail rings and statement kadas

Are you tired of necklaces that adorn your whole neck? Because sometimes we are. And that’s where this hand jewellery comes to rescue. Choose big fat cocktail rings that are classy yet traditional. Team them up with kadas in pearl and diamonds. The look is different and leaves a lot to experiment.

4. Temple jewellery

But this is old! Right? Well, yes. But you can always experiment. Instead of going with the full-blown look, take some pieces for neck and earrings. Team them up with your classiest polki necklace. Shine bright like a diamond!

5. Waistbelts

The good old kandora has made a revolutionary comeback and is our new favorite. Flaunt that much earned waist. Choose from the range of pearl and diamond waistbelts. You can either keep them the highlight of the look with the broad belts or go for the delicate ones. Our favorite is the one in pearls.

These new bridal looks are different and well-groomed. If you are bored of the traditional heavy looks, choose one and experiment. The latest bridal jewellery collection at Akshay jewellers caters to all the beautiful brides.

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