Theia Collection

Theia is the Greek Goddess of brightness which is also a reflection of todays’ women.The same brightness,style and hope has been inculcated in our latest design collection

Rajwada Collection

The complete collection is a series of unique tradional desings.These designs are of appealing and are of royal eligence

Eternity Collection

Designed with love and crafted with perfection to celebrate an eternal bond…that’s the Eternity Collection for you. Every element of this exquisite collection is as beautiful and precious as your emotions.

Expressions Collection

Gift your loved ones a perfect piece of jewellery from our expression collection

Pawani Collection

The Pawni collection defines pristine beauty. A beautiful fusion of traditional and modern design philosophies, displaying craftsmanship of the highest standard, it is the perfect choice for every occasion. Wear and look, a shine apart!

Platinum Jewellery

A unique and pure jewellery for those who need something special