7 Interesting Bridal Jewellery Pieces and Styles

When it comes to bridal jewellery, women like to play it safe. They will stick to rani-haars, temple jewellery, or be the next Jodha. They avoid experimenting amongst all that jadau and polki ideas. Well, this traditional jewellery is surely beautiful and the bride looks like a walking queen, but we have a few ideas that will give all the upcoming brides stunning choices to wear on their wedding day.

These new trends are different and will make you stand out for all the right reasons:

1. Crown it up queen!

Now, this is not often done but all of us have dreamt of wearing a crown as we hold our chins up and high. What better time than your wedding day to be the queen you are! Leave aside the tikas and grace a crown with your gowns and long-tailed dresses.

2. Long, multi-layered jewellery for the lady

TThe huge haars and neck-breaking necklaces are a passe. If you want something that maintains elegance and royalty,go for long-layered necklaces that match your dresses. They drive the desired attention.

3. Borlas for the beauty

Maang tikas are getting old and boring by the day, and are being aptly replaced by Rajsthani Borlas. If you want to look like a true Marwaari queen and spice up your attire, wear one of the borla designs. They are royal and stylish.

4. Concept statement pendants and pieces

Find necklaces that come with huge pendants and avant-garde designs. These single statement pieces will stand out in your look and will give you the needed quirk. Traditional is good, but this deserves a try too.

5 .South Indian Jewellery

Why quit your one chance to look like a goddess? Choose the grand temple jewellery with South Indian Designs. Give it a twist by wearing them with a lighter dress. These old beautiful designs have a much-deserved cult status.

6. Long Diamond Necklaces

A diamond is for forever, it’s a woman’s best friend. Your wedding jewellery does not need to be heavy to be royal. Sometimes, elegant, and delicate pieces do the job. Thin diamond chains accompanied by danglers will be a great choice for the sangeet ceremony.

7. Chokers

They have been revamped, they are in fashion again, and they are extravagant. Bridal chokers are the coolest addition and one cannot get enough of it. You can add stones and diamonds and shine like a crowning princess with choker necklaces.

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